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  Company Overview  
Al Baharana Group has with its organic growth increased their portfolio to include 4 different divisions. These symbiotic relationships forms the core of CBS who is dedicated to producing professional proposals and ensuring quality project delivery and management of complicated and larger ICT projects:
About CBS
“We’ve explored enterprise technology and discovered the ways to make commerce simpler and more profitable for you.”
Dr. Osama Al Baharana, Executive Director, Continental Business Solutions

Once Columbus had sailed to the New World, critics complained that anyone could have done it. Columbus challenged them to stand an egg, small end down, on a table. All failed. At that point, he gently broke the small end and stood the egg on it. "That's easy," one man said. "Yes," Columbus replied, "once you know how. Many problems look easy in retrospect, but the first to go forth and solve them does so with no maps, only courage and intelligence." CBS takes inspiration from the legendary explorer. The story of the Columbus egg is the story of who we are and how we help you.
We've helped others succeed.

We operate in Bahrain & Qatar, have over 200 employees, and have implemented ICT Solutions for diversified segment. We have the best track record in the industry.

Our another division Ebiz w.l.l. was awarded the Excellence Award in 2008, Partner Award in 2008 and
We Have the History and the Expertise to Help.

Our consulting and development teams were first to work with Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) in 2006 and have been implementing it from version 1.

To-Increase, our infrastructure division, began in 2008, and has been developing high quality solutions ever since.

Today, we offer an extensive library of customized modules and industry-specific solutions to reduce your implementation time and cost, and improve your business operations.
We Make Your Implementation Work, Quickly.

Our unique methodology goes beyond implementation to include ongoing training, support and refinements. CBS helps you manage your IT budget, mitigates implementation risks and ensures your system truly meets your business needs. Our dedicated training facilities, professional trainers and a dedicated, separate support team guarantee ongoing success.
We Build Your System on Our Successes.

Our project leaders and consultants are IT experts as well as former employees in your industry -- with expertise in retail, manufacturing, distribution, professional service, pharmaceuticals and government contracting. CBS provides people who listen, give advice, keep their promises, and build long-lasting relationships. People who know what they're doing.
We Develop Solution that's Made for You.

Our To-Increase division specializes in configurable, functional solutions and components such as Microsoft AD, Exchange, ISA, SCCM, SCOM, OCS 2007, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics™ GP, CRM, Servers, Security, Storage and Systems management solutions. Just like our implementations, our solutions are built on a solid grounding of experience and knowledge about your industry and the unique business challenges you face.
We Give You The Maps to Success.

Columbus found the way to the New World. CBS found the way to help make companies like yours become more efficient and more profitable. As the discoverer said, it's easy to guide the way once you know how. We know how to do it. Let us guide your way.
We employ the best in business.

Continental Business Solutions has an unusually high staff retention rate for the industry; we realize that the major assets to any system integration company are the staff and their skills. CBS has a policy of recruiting experienced and skilled engineers and managers from around the world, then through a comprehensive training and incentives program, develop skills in house, and provide a professional working environment ensuring staff development and commitment.