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Consulting Services
Consulting Services
Guidance when you need it…

With CBS consulting services, you can choose to have a customized performance levels based on our pre-sales guidance. We will share our know-how and our experience we have on the market with you. You will thus benefit from an exterior point of view in terms of site analysis, advice, recommendations…

CBS division under Albaharna Group has a combined experience of more than 10 years in the Bahrain. We cannot stress enough the importance of a professional local background. In order to provide the client with tailored solutions that exactly match requirements, our consultants optimize the three critical components of people, process, and technology to provide solutions that your business can use now and in the future.

Our approach

CBS has a solid record of successful execution. Our approach derives from experience over many projects, in many industries and in several countries in the Middle East:

Collaborative. We work with the client's organization - not against it. CBS consultants build on your preexisting knowledge and experience. In this role they are the organizers of a discovery process rather than fountainheads of incontrovertible knowledge.

Multi-Disciplinary. The tough issues cross organizational boundaries. Resolving them requires knowledge of Marketing, Engineering, Accounting, Information Technology and other specialties.
Analytical/Intuitive. Analysis shows what is or what was, but it cannot create. Intuition is creative. Through intuition people see what could be and should be, even things that never before existed. The important strategic business insights are almost always intuitive. Analysis lays the groundwork and confirms the results. Both are required.

Socio-Technical. Every organization uses both technology and people. Each affects the others a Socio-Technical System. In the most successful organizations, people and technology complement, not just co-exist.

Personal. CBS consultants get to know their clients and vice versa. This contrasts with process consulting which molds every client to a standard procedure. Often, these standardized systems are executed by young and inexperienced people who blindly follow the system even when it does not apply.

Project Management Services: CBS can also undertake the total Project Management, where our consultants will follow the project from start till finish. We approach all projects with a comprehensive Project Management approach ensuring that the customer is satisfied at all times and no “surprises” are encountered that can have an impact on the clients business or investment. All risks are carefully documented along with an often overlooked “roll-back” plan, or how to get out of trouble if the identified risk should occur. Full Risk Exposure is compiled with all parties to ensure all contingencies are met.

Project Management Methodology: CBS usually centre on quality and specification based projects which allow the client an easy update and reporting link through one designated, qualified and trained Project Manager and allows us to track and monitor project progress and costs. To summarize, CBS is committed to Technical and Managerial excellence, providing all our clients with the best service possible

Risk Management

Risks are inherent in any project. Furthermore, risk taking is essential to progress, usually, communicating risks down the chain of command is easy, but communicating risks up the chain of command is difficult. At every level, people want to know the risks from lower levels but are wary of free communication of risks to people above them.

This Risk Management Plaxn will be a living document in that it will constantly be analyzed, and items will be added and removed as required during the life of the project. The first section describes the project risk management process and later sections break down each of the top project risks in detail.