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Microsoft active directory design & architecture services

Microsoft’s Active Directory is a very powerful directory structure designed to make administration and management of your corporate communications system easier and more efficient. 
However, in order to fully realize these capabilities and get the most value out of your Active Directory infrastructure, it is important to utilize an architecture that is designed appropriately for your business.
It is common for existing Active Directory architectures to become disorganized, inefficient, and difficult to manage.

Whether you’re designing a new Active Directory architecture or redesigning your existing Active Directory, it is important to ensure that your design both fulfills business requirements and allows for future growth

Some common Active Directory design flaws include:

  • Inefficient Object Structure – Users, computers, and groups should be organized in a way such that tasks including management using group policies and assigning security can be done with the least amount of administrative effort.  In many cases, IT workers are doing more work than necessary because they are limited by the directory structure.
  • Inability to Grow – Forest and domain design and site communication are two of the largest factors in determining whether your infrastructure can grow effectively. 
While these problems can be corrected by redesigning your Active Directory architecture, they can be easily avoided if planned effectively during the initial phases of the project