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Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange Server Interforest Migration services

Do you have a Windows domain structure that is need of a fresh start?  Is Merger-Acquisition activity causing your infrastructure to support multiple Active Directory forests?  If so, it may be time for a Active Directory and Exchange inter-forest migration.

An Inter-forest migration project involves migrating single or multiple domains from one Active Directory forest to another.

Careful considerations must be taken when planning an inter-forest migration so that service is not interrupted at any point during business.
Some of the key components that are migrated during this process include:

  • Active Directory objects such as users, groups, computers, etc.

  • Exchange Server information and objects

  • Application servers

In addition to the above mentioned components, many times there is a need to run multiple forests in parallel for a period of time.  In these cases, there are often requirements for messaging systems to run in parallel during this time. 

There are many issues to consider when running separate Exchange organizations in different forests in parallel, such as shared SMTP address space, global address synchronization, and free/busy+ information synchronization.

The Inter-Forest migration process can be different from one company to the next.  It is important to carefully plan the project with your specific business needs in mind.