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InterForest Replication Design Services

In today’s business environment, mergers, acquisitions, and other long-term business partnerships are producing a multitude of Information technology issues in the areas of coexistence and consolidation. 

In many cases, consolidating multiple Active Directory forests may not be a viable option.  Various business requirements on both sides may require a company to maintain separate forests while allowing for a certain amount of information to be available in both of them. 

In these cases, various information, such as address lists and free busy information can be replicated between the two forests so that users present in either domain can communicate more effectively.

Inter-forest replication can be a long-term or short-term solution.

Some companies may not plan on consolidating resources for a very long time while others have a plan to consolidate in the near future, but have a current need to provide real-time information replication between the multiple forests currently in existence throughout the organization.  In both of these situations, designing the right inter-forest replication solution can provide the proper information exchange required for the business while adding the minimum amount of administrative overhead for the information technology department.