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Architecture and Design for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007

Design a core architectural foundation for Instant Messaging, Presence, and Conferencing

Organizations have become increasingly dependent on digital communications. Though many want to take their communication capability beyond e-mail and scheduling, they often view the leap from a traditional e-mail-based environment to fully adopting a unified communication environment as too complex. Often, organizations are simply looking for the right phased approach or just don’t know where to start. Moving your organization towards unified communications does not need to be difficult nor does it require full adoption. CBS understands that building the solid architectural foundation required by Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 is beyond the level of expertise of many organizations, yet with the proper guidance from experienced professionals, these organizations can get the start they need.

How CBS Can Help
There is no substitute for experience, and CBS can help you ensure that your architecture and design plan provides a solid foundation for Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. By engaging CBS Consultants to deliver this offering, your IT staff will have the right architectural foundation to fulfill your vision for unified communications. With a solid architectural foundation on which to deploy enterprise instant messaging, presence, and conferencing, you can experience some of the immediate benefits of unified communications. You can begin testing and validating the proposed architecture in preparation for enterprise-wide deployment and gain confidence in your organization’s unified communications vision and solution.

Our consultants will help you develop architecture and a design plan based on an analysis of your business, technical, and environmental requirements, and they will validate the solution in your test environment to help ensure that your implementation will be of the highest caliber.

Dedicated and Determined to Deliver
CBS Consultants is at the forefront of what’s possible with Microsoft technology. We are determined to realize and support your organization’s vision. We deliver solutions that have impact through integrated relationships with you, our partners, and teams across Microsoft.

At the end of the engagement, you will have an Office Communications Server 2007 solution that has been designed, built, and tested to meet your instant messaging, presence, and conferencing requirements, and is successfully providing service to a pilot group of production users. This service offering includes:

  • Office Communications Server 2007 Enterprise pool to accommodate a highly reliable and scalable instant messaging, presence, and conferencing services design.
  • Microsoft SQL Server® sizing, including high-availability options (SQL Server clustering).
  • High-availability and recovery scenarios including load balancing.
  • Microsoft Active Directory® and DNS assessment and design change recommendations.

This service offering will deliver a comprehensive set of design, deployment, and migration documentation in addition to the knowledge gained from Microsoft best practices and experience from similar deployments.

The outcome of this engagement will be architecture and a design for your future Office Communications Server 2007 infrastructure, for instant messaging, presence, and conferencing capabilities based on an analysis of your operational, technical, and environmental requirements.

The core deliverables for this project include:

Detailed server hardware and software requirements for a core Office Communications Server 2007 infrastructure to support enterprise instant messaging, conferencing, and presence.

  • Office Communications Server 2007 Enterprise pool design.
  • SQL Server sizing, including high availability options (SQL Server clustering).
  • High-availability and recovery scenarios including load balancing.
  • Migration plan from existing Office Live Communication Server 2005 infrastructure (if necessary).
  • Active Directory impact and required changes.
  • Client (Microsoft Office Communicator 2007) planning including configuration (group policy objects) and deployment recommendations.
  • Public instant messaging connectivity planning to preserve the namespace.

Additional Services to Help You Build a Unified Communications Foundation

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