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Microsoft small business server implementation

Microsoft Small Business Server Highlights:

By implementing Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003 R2 your company will receive built in tools to address the following business concerns:

  • Secure your network with its built-in firewall and password policy enforcement as well as back-up your crucial data and be informed via email on completion.
  • Easily connect employees to your corporate resources and data securely through remote web workplace and VPN connectivity. 
  • Create workflows and document approval processes with SharePoint Services to easily connect to your company Intranet and document repository allowing for greater collaboration and increased productivity. 
  • Stop searching for available meeting times via phone calls or post-its.  Utilize group calendars in Exchange to keep employee and resource availability. 
  • Maintain all your employee’s computer updates with Windows Update Services to lessen the possibility of new threats from the Internet.
  • More important than anything else get more done with less stress and cost.

CBS consulting services:

Small businesses tackle similar IT problems as larger companies: protecting ones' data, keeping productivity high, and preserving open communication both internally and with customers.  Larger businesses typically have the advantage of a higher IT budget providing them with wider breadth of available solutions.
IT solutions for small business have generally lacked the functionality and flexibility that are present in large-scale solutions -- that is until now.  We can provide your business with an adaptable and cost conscious resolution to the most common IT problems and customize the solution to the particular needs and growth of your company.
Do you worry about the security of your company’s private information?  Are you looking for a solution to allow your employees to work remotely, yet effectively?  Are you concerned about the productivity of your employees or just wish that the company could be more efficient? Concerned about computer safety?

Why choose CBS as your small business IT consultants?

Small Business Server 2003 R2, implemented by the experts at CBS will give you an increased advantage knowing your company data is safe, easily managed, and securely accessible from virtually anywhere.
Allowing CBS to implement the correct technology, you can focus on the most important goal — making your company grow and succeed.
At CBS, we specialize in working with small businesses. With strong experience in business and IT we can provide you with all the benefits of your own IT department.

Contact us today to implement Microsoft Small Business Server in your environment