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Microsoft Small Business Server Implementation

Both first time and experienced business owners will benefit from the IT expertise of CBS team.  New business owners generally lack in-house expertise for IT and end up leveraging talent from current staff that is “technically” savvy.  This model does not spur company success as it creates many issues. 

  • Without IT expertise company workflow and business process is defined by employees through trial and error taking up crucial time and resources.
  • Interoffice communication is limited to voice or simple pop email. 
  • There is no ability for remote staff to access company resources. 
  • No collaboration or approval process with company documents and resources. 
  • There is a general lack of experience growing a company once the business becomes successful.

Experienced business owners while their companies may suffer from the same problems as new businesses can also suffer from other issues as well. 
The lack of a separate sales team or CRM group is a common model for most growing businesses.  This design limits company growth as Customers become the entire teams’ responsibility but no one’s individual duty. 
By only focusing on customers in terms of a product or project as well as committed delivery times and resources,  the company suffers by missing the potential for greater income or additional leads. 
Established companies also suffer from lack of communication between sales and your deliverables.  This lack of communication leads to surprises by in-field events or customer agreements.

These common place problems can easily be alleviated by strategic IT planning from our trusted advisors.   Our experienced staff will assess your current network infrastructure and workflow and listen to staff pain points while forming a strategy that will help your company grow and succeed.